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Our Rooms

Little Pixies is laid out over two floors into 4 separate learning rooms.


This cosy and inviting room is the first room that babies experience at Little Pixies caring for children from 12 weeks up to 14/16 months.  This room caters for up to 6 babies and provides a calm and nurturing space for them to develop those first bonds with their key person.  Our routine for babies is an extension of your home routine; feeding and sleep times are tailored to your babies needs.  Throughout the day we offer lots of sensory activities, songs, sharing first books, building blocks and opportunities to crawl, roll and take those first steps.  Engaging with the outdoors is a valued part of the day and we often enjoy a walk with the buggies around the local area; visiting the sheep or horses along the way.



Our Imps room is for our toddlers, and cares for children from 14/16 months up to 24/26 months.  This large open plan room has plenty of space for these adventurous toddlers to explore and build their physical confidence.  Our focus in this room is on the EYFS three prime areas of learning – Communication & Language, Physical Development and Personal, Social and Emotional.  These 3 areas form the base blocks of all learning and are an important milestone in early development.  Our role in this room is to build on their first words in a language rich environment and every day is filled with stories, songs and lots of opportunities for conversations; whether babbling or narrating the children’s play.  Mealtimes are fun and messy when we encourage children to try lots of flavours and become independent to feed themselves.


Our Sprites room is a dedicated space for our 2-3-year olds, which gives them the space to achieve independence but with the support they need.  They have free-flow access to toileting facilities which supports their next steps to potty training.  Our room routine starts with our ‘Hello’ time after breakfast, followed by adult led activities, child-initiated play, and outdoor time we are kept busy all day.  Our focus in this room is to continue the development of the EYFS prime areas but also to start to explore the specific areas of learning – Understanding the world, Expressive Arts and design, Maths and Literacy.


Our Elves pre-school room cares for children from 3 years until they start school.  Our routine starts to prepare them for a school environment and school routines, but they are still very much learning through play.  We have a structured focus to solidify the EYFS 7 areas of learning with themes so that the children build confidence and independence as they learn to explore, to think about problems and relate to others.  We are continually responding to each child’s emerging needs and interests guiding their development through warm, positive interaction.

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