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Little Pixies Vision

To provide a stimulating, nurturing & supportive environment & aspirational framework for our children and families.


Our intent – Aims:

  • A safe, happy, caring, secure and stimulating environment.

  • Positive, caring relationships based on trust and respect.

  • Provide opportunities for children to develop their capabilities as successful learners and confident individuals.

  • Support and encourage children to have a secure foundation in their first steps of learning and to feel valued.

  • Strengthen families through supportive parent partnership with guidance, knowledge sharing, and sign posting to services.

Implementation – how we work to achieve this:

  • Develop strong partnerships between parents/carers and practitioners by assigning all children a key person & providing opportunities to share knowledge & experiences  (Parent handovers, Parent meetings, Open door policy, Questionnaires, Tapestry)

  • Create enabling environments with stimulating resources which are accessible and open-ended

  • Ensure that all children are safeguarded and kept safe from harm

  • To provide an aspirational, exciting & varied framework which responds to the children’s needs and interests

  • To know and value each child as an individual, building up relationships based on trust and respect.

  • To take account of different learning styles so that all children can access wide variety of learning experiences and reach their full potential

Impact of our framework:

  • Confident, independent learners that are school ready

  • Children display good language skills and are effective communicators

  • Children have a strong sense of self and their value in the world

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