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Little Pixies Forest School

Here at Little Pixies we are passionate about outdoor learning and are lucky enough to have established our own Forest School site to enhance the outdoor opportunities we provide to our children. Our site is a short walk from Little Pixies and is a large natural woodland with lots of opportunity for learning. 

Our weekly session are lead by a Qualified Forest school Leader. Our Rooms - Sprites and Elves Partake in sessions each week in blocks of 6. This allows days to rotate and all children to benefit from attending. Sessions run between 9-11 and are support by the familiar staff from your child`s room.

​All of our sessions follow the 6 key Forest School Principles listed below:

1. Forest School is a long term, repetitive learning process that uses a natural outdoor space.

2. Forest School empowers children and young people to take responsibility for their own learning and development. The ethos focuses on child lead learning and play. Children are encouraged to take appropriate risk & developing trust in themselves and others.

3. Forest School promotes holistic, individualised learning and development. The natural environment provides stimulation for all the senses and all areas of development.

4. Forest School encourages emotional growth, self-esteem, confidence and independence

5. Forest School is facilitated by a qualified Level 3 Forest school Practitioner. Training ensures practitioners provide safe, skilled and appropriate learning experiences. Practitioners build a trusting relationship and make careful observations of the group to then provide well planned, individualised support for each learner.

6. Forest School instils a deep respect and awareness for the natural world and reconnects participants to their environment.

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