Why Choose Us

Little Pixies is built on a foundation of ‘nurturing with nature’, whilst creating an environment where children feel valued and leave at the end of their time with us as confident individuals and full of happy memories.  Every family is unique in its values and beliefs and we take time to get to know you and work closely to become an extension of the foundations of family life that you have laid.

To achieve this goal, we firmly believe it is an all round experience from the engagement of members of the team, what we all eat, the activities we undertake and the bond we build with each other.
Food and exercise is a key element of a child’s wellbeing and something that we are passionate about.  We enjoy creating new and exciting meals for the children and the heart of every mealtime is sitting around the table together which we believe is the cornerstone to a balanced and happy day.
We are committed to introducing children to new experiences and each week we have a visiting drama teacher – Jane Liddiatt who takes the children through imaginative journeys that encompass movement and songs.  Sensory experiences are important to a developing mind and body, our babies and children have use of a sensory pod using sounds, lights and textures to explore.  Messy experiences are a must; painting, messy food play, shaving foam, water and sand frequently get stuck between toes!
We believe in outdoor play and access to fresh air every day, whether they are using our large garden or going on walks around the farm, village and local park.  We feel there is no such thing as bad weather just inappropriate clothing.  All in one suits and wellies a must!